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June 2019
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How To Fix TVAd.Me/Pair And stream autroziation kodi error


Are you getting any disturbances with ads when you were selecting server on your latest versions or any other kodi versions. If you say yes to my question you are on the correct platform which give you the perfect solution to you. Then why late let me explain about olpair/, this server will deliver different movies and different videos which are creating interest in you actually, this server is alternate to the covenant add on. You may get a doubt into your mind i.e, why did they introduced this olpair. Why because the kodi users are using many add ons in that list the covenant also one of the best add on. This add on is getting huge response from the users finally it cant sustaining the troffic of the video streaming. To prevent this the kodi developers introduced the olpair and vev.lo pair and some other sites. To know more details about to fix olpair to your device you have to read all this article up to end. or Stream Authorization

As we discussed above when you watching your favourite videos through your add ons on your kodi. You get many ads which get your mind irritate every time. To block or to prevent such disturbance the kodi add on like your covenant introduced the best stream authorization. To do this you have to pair your device IP address with the openload. This pairing will prevent the unknown ads so you can watch your favourite movies without any interruptions. To pair your device with or stream authorization. you have to follow the below instructions. That will help you to attach your device with the openload pair. Before we going to pairing process we have to  know the reasons to why should we do this. The first reason is, it will prevent all unauthorized user. After pairing would filter and there will be no more bandwidth. The second reason is for monetization this is all about for adds. You can know about it by going into the official website.

 How To Pair Your Device On or

To pair your device with the server you have to follow the below steps and it will take just 15 seconds or more than 15 seconds. So just follow the below steps and get paired.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go for https://thevideo .me/pair or for https://tvad .me/pair just click on those links(you can select anyone of them)
  3. Select Active streaming option
  4. Now solve the captcha after that click on verify
  5. Finally happy streaming will appear it means your pairing was succesful

These are the simple steps to pair your device with the olpair or pair So guys enjoy the videos after following the above steps.


If you are looking to pair your device with the olpair then it is a good news for you. This article is only for you. It will help you a lot to pair. So don’t waste your time, know the procedure and pair your device with the openload server now.

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