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Pocket Mortys Supercharged Battery


Here we are going to learn about the pocket Mortys supercharged battery. From this article, we will say what is the use of supercharged battery? and how can you get this supercharged battery?…etc, If you want to know about these queries you have to follow my article till the end of this. If you would know about the supercharged batteries you can choose your favourite level in the pocket Mortys game. Here the steps we are providing now to know about pocket Mortys supercharged batteries.

 Here The Pocket Mortys Super Charged Battery’s

Here you can see different types of supercharged battery’s and pocket Mortys recipes. when you combine your battery with other Morty chips and recipes you can get other powerful recipes in your pocket Marty’s game. Here you can see the formulae to get the supercharged battery and other powerful recipes.

1. Morty Manipulator Chip

2. Serum

3. Great Serum

4. Sensational Serum

5. Pure Serum

6. Halzinger

7. Pure Halzinger

8. Poison Cure

9. Paralyze Cure

10. Pure Curum

11. Plutonic Rock

12. Pure Plutonic Rock

13. Courier Flap

14. Level Up Mega Seed

15. Normal Battery

16. Super Charged Battery

17. Microverse Battery

18. Purified Fleeb

19. Mutant Bacteria Cell

20. Dark Energy Ball

21. Dark Matter Ball

22. Mother Board

23. Dog Collar

24. Love Potion

25. Robot

26. Butter Robot

27. Gwendolyn Doll

28. Time Crystal

29. Time Stabilizing Collar

30. Interdimensional Cable Box

31. Neutrino Bomb

32. Interdimensional Goggles

33. IQ Enhancing Helmet

34. Roy VR Headset

The above 34 Recipes will make your supercharged battery very powerful. The supercharged battery will help you to give energy to your Mortys at everywhere whenever you want.

 Finishing :

In this article, we have discussed the supercharged battery of pocket Mortys game. We hope this article will help you to know about the pocket Morty’s supercharged battery. If you want to share your ideas and queries with your co-players and with us you can share through the comment box. We will respond to your comments through again comment box. Keep in touch to our website for more updates of pocket morty’s game.

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