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September 2019
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Why Do We Get Olpair error on Openload Server


The olpair error is a common error. Why does our kodi get this error very frequently? means Kodi is a popular software which can deliver a different kind of videos through the different addons. Because of this reason, the kodi software made many followers and giving its service as possible as it can.

But in nowadays the kodi has got many users than it sustains. Because of this reason, the kodi unable to deliver the user wanted content perfectly. To avoid this issue, kodi developers are introduced a solution which is calling as olpair in nowadays. So in this article, we are going to explain about the olpair and why do we get an olpair error.

Why Does Kodi Get Olpair Error

As discussed in the above lines the kodi was unable to sustain the users following. For them, the kodi developers have introduced a system to sustain the kodi users content. The system name is pairing system. Let me explain the brief lines about the or or olpair Kodi Error. After getting the knowledge about the olpair you must follow what the developers said.

  1. Try to watch a movie on your kodi through the any addon
  2. After selecting your favourite video you will get servers list including openload server
  3. From them, you have to select the olpair server
  4. Now it requires your device IP address to play your favourite videos
  5. You need to pair your IP address with the olpair IP address
  6. Now your kodi can deliver your favourite videos with your wishing quality

After every four hours, you will get the olpair error. To solve this issue you have to pair your device IP address with the Olpair IP address. Because of loss of IP address your kodi get olpair error eventually. So you must pair your device IP address again and again with the olpair IP address.

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